Welcome buffet with
Prosecco, soft drink, Sangria
Hot and cold, fried and roast appetizers

Hors d’oeuvres
Crudo di Parma ham with artichokes and rocket
Bavarian cream with Montasio cheese
Quiche with porcini mushrooms
Savoy cabbage tartlets with bacon and poppy-seed

First courses
Risotto with entrails and spit roasted quail
Saffron crepes with green asparagus shoots and Culatello ham
Tortelli pasta with s-ciopeti (local herbs) and cherry tomatoes
Porcini mushrooms cream with crunchy croutons


Carpaccio fillet (raw) with grana cheese flakes and truffle

Second Courses
Deer stewed Goulasch with Lyonnaise potatoes
Roasted rack of lamb in Montello sauce and Jewish style artichokes

Strawberry Mousse
Wedding Cake